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~ ValveLock® eliminates the trial and error process of checking tire pressure.

The ValveLock Tire Pressure Gauge is a device that temporarily seals to the valve stem of your tire while you check the pressure. This ingenious device eliminates the trial and error hassle of checking tire pressure by creating a leak-free seal with the valve stem. Unlike conventional pressure gauges, it works by a gripping mechanism that pulls the gauge onto the valve stem for zero air leakage during measurement. Unlike conventional pressure gauges, its unique purge button allows you to release excessive pressure until pressure reaches your desired reading in real time without removing the gauge. It has an accuracy of ±0.9psi and its repeatability accuracy is superb which makes it very practical & beneficial.

How to Use the ValveLock tire pressure gauge:

  1. Place ValveLock over the valve stem. Allow it to seat on the valve stem.
  2. Hold your palm steady and squeeze your index and forefinger together.
  3. Read the pressure displayed on the dial.
  4. If there is too much pressure in the tire, use the purge button to release excess pressure until it reads what you desire.
  5. Remove ValveLock & replace valve cap. Or better yet, install Tire Minder Max for continous real-time pressure monitoring.

60-psi model: VL001-60 15-psi model: VL001-15 100-psi model: VL001-100
  • 60psi for passenger cars SUV's and low profile tires.
  • 15psi for ATV's and lawn mowers.
  • 100psi for truck tires.

  • Home Safety TPMS ValveLock :  
    (#DORPPA)  ValveLock - choose from right menu
    > ALSO CONSIDER: Tire Minder Max - use these to monitor tire pressure continously after desired pressure is set w/ ValveLock.

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