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SplitFire Japan Super Shot
the onboard / on-demand ultracapacitor for real-time adrenaline boost!

SplitFire Japan launches two battery power reserves / ultracapacitors called the Super Shot BT & Super Shot. You can use them singly or in tandem for cumulative power, torque & milege enhancement. For starter, this new generation battery boosters extract, filter & rid reverse current in your vehicle's electrical system, so that constant power draw is kept at the most efficient state. More importantly, these cutting edge SplitFire models also act as immediate power reserves via the use of six industry's highest-capacity ultracapacitors so that any sudden power draw & voltage fluctuation (e.g. abrupt acceleration, turning on A/C and/or high-power stereo system, hauling heavy objects, etc.) are compensated by the energy stored in the ultracapacitors, preventing such said immediate power draw from overtaxing the vehicle's 12-volt electronics, which in turn alleviating the high-voltage battery pack (in the case of a hybrid), and the alternator energy source (i.e. petroleum), from being wasted.

Just like batteries, ultracapacitors store (absorb) & discharge (supply) energy. But unlike batteries, ultracapacitors do these very quickly. Also unlike batteries; ultracapacitor does so electronically, not chemically. That's why ultracapacitors are considered as automotive 'adrenaline boosts'. It's not unusual to recharge ultracapacitors for more than 50,000 times. Ultracapacitors collect electrons between layers of metal, rather than in a battery with chemicals that degrade over time. Upgrade your vehicle's (hybrid or not) power system with the Super Shot BT & Super Shot!

Some new developments regarding ultracapacitors' automotive applications:

  • Studies have demonstrated that a simple parallel connection of an ultracapacitor to a low-cost alkaline battery can duplicate the performance characteristics of a lithium-ion battery.
  • With many applications, the use of ultracapacitors to provide peak power will extend battery life by a factor of four.
  • Large cell ultracapacitors provide large energy storage systems which significantly improve the efficiency of hybrid electric vehicles.
  • Recycling the energy captured during regenerative braking will lower the peak power requirements on hybrid-diesel, fuel cell, or battery-based vehicles.
  • By stabilizing the power output of these devices with an ultracapacitor, significant life expectancy increases are seen for fuel-cell and battery-based applications.
  • Electric vehicles need power inverters to convert battery power into higher voltage AC power for their electric motors and to harvest braking power, capacitors eliminate this need for inversion as they can deliver their stored energy at high voltages.
  • Batteries designed for electric vehicles should be able to provide high energy and power densities. Lithium (Li)-ion batteries are known to deliver very high energy densities in comparison to other battery systems. However, they suffer from low power densities. In contrast, supercapacitors provide very high power densities due to their surface-based reactions.
  • Ultracapacitors suffer virtually no degradation through cycle after cycle.
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The alternator is in the 12V electrical system and any load on it can affect fuel efficiency by adding mechanical drag to the engine. The more load on the electrical system, the more drag in the alternator. A healthy & stable 12V system definitely benefits better fuel combustion via electronic ignition system.

You can expect the following results with the use of SplitFire's Super Shot and/or Super Shot BT:

  • Increase in horsepower and torque
  • Significant burden reduction on the battery to prolonged lifespan & to improve performance
  • Fuel economy improvement, more responsive throttle response, stronger startup & smoother driving due to a more stable electronic ignition system
  • Automatic voltage regulation adjusts the undervoltages and overvoltages, hence eliminating voltage 'noise' to enable electrical components (e.g. audio quality & illumination) to operate at full potential
  • State-of-the-art circuitry reduces wasteful electricity drains and prevents reverse current
  • Replaceable fuse design
  • Super Shot BT provides battery diagnostic charge status with its LED indicator

NOTICE: Before installation, disconnect car battery for at least 20 min. so that ECU can adjust to the Super Shot BT and/or Super Shot.

Super Shot BT Super Shot
  • Highest capacity of any similar product, a total rating of 1,000,000µF - about 200 times the second closest brand!
  • Available in Regular (2-wire) and Earth Plus (2-wire + ground) models.
  • Earth Plus model connects its ground to vehicle radiator for optimal grounding, as well as for total noise & static charge elimination.
  • Comprises of 6 ultra high capacity super capacitors plus microprocessor.
  • On-board 3-color LED display to show battery charge status: On > 12V > 14V.
  • Use w/ Super Shot for cumulative effects.
  • Plugs right into cigarette socket.
  • Gold-plated connector for max. conduction.
  • Super high-capacity F500 capacitor - 70 ~ 100 times that of the second closest brand!
  • Use as is or with one or two add-on modules (optional):
    • Power Up Unit further boosts performance & enhances mileage by as much as 50% when compared to just main unit alone.
    • Ion Up Unit generates anions (1 million ions / cc) within the car cabin to benefit occupants & to enhance A/C filtration.
  • Power on blue LED may also help to discourage airborne bacterial growth.
  • Use w/ Super Shot BT for cumulative effects.

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    Home Battery Tech Super Shot :  
    (#SFSS)  Super Shot BT - connects to car battery terminals
    (#SFSS)  Super Shot - plugs into cigarette socket
     DELIVERY: 3~4 weeks for JDM accessories.

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