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Rogue Wallet w/ WalletGuard™ (RFID-shielding technology)

About the patented curved Rogue Wallet:
Michael Lyons founded the Rogue Wallet Company in 2005 when his search for a great and functional front pocket wallet turned up only bulky, oversized ones. Instead of going with a wallet he wasn't crazy about, he decided to design his own. He made a wallet that was slim enough to fit comfortably in your front pocket, and curved to hug the contour of the pocket it would be held in securely. What he ended up creating was a wallet that's virtually impossible to steal, much better for your spine (and butt), and looks pretty neat too. What started with a simple prototype has turned into a full-time business.

The interior: The inside is genuine black leather (for leather models). There is a slot for a license on the right side, and three slots on the left, each of which can hold up to two credit cards. There is also a pocket behind the slots to fit additional cards, photos, or receipts - but remember, the whole idea is to keep it slim!


  • THINNER - Designed to fit into one's front pocket, the Rogue Wallet is only 1/4 of an inch thick. Length is 5" from the fold to the tip and just over 3" wide. When opened, it is 10" long and dollar bills do not peek above the wallet.
  • LIGHTER - Thinner means lighter - so light, it's hardly noticeable - and it's leather!
  • CURVED - Only the Rogue Wallet has a revolutionary curved edge designed to match the curve of a front pocket in a pair of pants.
About the patented RFID-blocking WalletGuard technology:
WalletGuard is a trademarked RFID-blocking technology, which we include in the lining of select wallets. WalletGuard shielding blocks the transmission of RFID (radio frequency identification) waves, which many credit cards emit through a small embedded microchip. RFID-enabled credit cards allow your card to be read without swiping its magnetic strip - this technology, while convenient, also means that your card can be read without your knowledge from as far as thirty feet away. We offer WalletGuard to help prevent ID theft and help our customers keep their personal and financial information secure. WalletGuard has been laboratory-tested and is FIPS 201 approved. It consists of a three-layered electronic shield built directly into the wallet lining. All Rogue Wallet that we carry feature WalletGuard.

About the woven stainless steel model:
Ultra-thin threads of stainless steel are woven together in those stainless steel models. United States, Canadian, Euro currency fit just fine. The security aspect of this design is further enhanced by the fact that the stainless steel weave creates an impassible barrier (known as the Faraday effect) to unsolicited radio frequency ID hacking. So you get double the protection by choosing this model. Triple it by using the Shield Insert too (see below)!

Brown Travel Organizer with WalletGuard - This travel organizer holds passports, visas, travel documents, check book, airline tickets and more. Abundant space for credit cards as well. Travel securely knowing that your documentation is in one secure place. RFID shielded. 100% top grain leather.

Redline Money Clip with WalletGuard - Genuine fullgrain leather with red inlaid on clip. Magnetic closure which can hold up to 10 bills folded in half very nicely. Magnets will not effect credit cards. Includes 3 credit card slots, and opens at top for more storage of bills or cards or receipts! In fact, the credit card slots have RFID shielding sewn right into the wallet.

Kevlar Carbon Fiber Wallet with WalletGuard - This product will be available in the end of June '11. This spectra carbon fiber sail cloth is exactly what's used on high performance racing yachts. It is strong and waterproof. It's durability is legendary and the material simply wears like iron. Finished with an eye catching exterior trim and full interior of top grain leather, it snugly fits into one's front pocket.

Buckskin Camouflage Wallet with WalletGuard - Made in Maine! Genuine whitetail buckskin. Durable, supple and smooth. If you know what deerskin gloves feel like, then you'll appreciate the texture of this fine 100% top grain leather. Made in Maine by experienced craftsmen.

Rogue Wallet w/ WalletGuard - All Rogue Wallets presented here feature the WalletGuard RFID-blocking technology. Choose the stainless steel models for extra security.

  • Sharkskin - see full lineup
  • Salmon Skin - see full lineup
  • Weekender - designed for a quick weekend getaway - they hold only the essentials. Only one-quarter of an inch thick and 4.5" in length. (United States currency fits just fine folded in the center pocket.) There is a slot for a license on the front, and two slots on the back for credit cards or ID. This is the slimmest wallet we offer - see full lineup
  • Passport (6"L x 4-1/8"W x 5/8"D) Left side: slip passport or tickets in diagonal slot (also hidden slot behind). Right side: 5 credit cards or ID slots (also 3 hidden slots behind) - see interior.
  • Credit Card Sleeve - each envelopes one card
  • Shield Insert - each insert is the size of a dollar bill and fits in any size wallet.
WARNING: Be sure to remove your wallet — even if it is entirely empty, before proceeding through any security monitoring system. The shielding material is so effective that even an empty wallet will immediately trigger the alarms found in a metal detecting device. Travel with confidence and know that your data is secure. Travel with the RFID-blocking Rogue Wallet w/ WalletGuard.

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