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NANOPULSER is an Electronic Desulfator Device that conditions your battery for better performance by producing higher capacities & longer battery life.


  • Inhibits the buildup of hard sulfates - the main case of capacity loss and failure of lead-acid batteries.
  • Regenerates old sulfated batteries by desulfating slowly & gently without damaging electrode plates.
  • Improves FLOODED, GEL & AGM lead acid batteries. It will not work on lithium batteries.
  • Improves automotive starter, industrial deep cycle & backup and renewable energy storage batteries.
  • Effect can be seen in longer operation hours and easier acceptance of charges (specific gravity improves dramatically within a few days or weeks depending on the condition and capacity of the battery).
  • Pulse is weak enough not to create electrical "NOISE" that interferes with electrical devices.
  • LED light shows device is energized.
  • One unit can treat multiple batteries connected in parallel configuration.
    * It even revives old sulfated batteries. Installing on new batteries is recommended for the best results.

    Lead-sulfate is created when a battery is discharged. Then, when charged, in principle all the lead-sulfate converts back to its component materials --- lead, lead dioxide and sulfuric acid. However, as batteries age, lead-sulfate crystallizes on the surface of the electrode plates. This non-conductive material coating the surface of the electrode plate causes a reduction in the surface area needed for electro-chemical reactions of the battery. It also reduces the batteries' component materials (lead and acid) needed for the reactions. Sulfated batteries are often replaced prematurely and unnecessarily.

    Nanopulser applies a weak but sharp & refined electrical pulse that inhibits the buildup of hard lead-sulfate crystals while gently decomposing the crystals without damaging the battery plates.

    With Nanopulser installed, batteries maintain a high capacity as well as maximize its lifespan.

    Nanopulser revives old sulfated batteries and maximize capacity & lifespan

    If the old battery is not physically damaged but suffering from buildup of hard sulfation, Nanopulser will regenerate the battery by decomposing the hard sulfate gently and slowly. Continued use will inhibit further sulfation build-up and maximize the battery life. The length of the battery life depends on the condition of the battery when Nanopulser was installed. Later, when the battery finally fails, remove the Nanopulser and install on a new battery. This will prevent sulfation build-up from the beginning and assure the manufacturer's specified or intended lifespan and possibly extend it beyond.

    In general, if the battery is 4 to 5 years old, it more likely to revive the battery close to full capacity. However, if the battery is already 7 to 8 years old, more likely there is a corrosion damage that desulfator can not reverse and recover. Before installation, check your battery for physical damages such as swelling of battery case, white sulfation buildup outside of the case and floating particles in the electrolyte. If found, consider the condition and expect less for the result. It even revives old sulfated batteries, installing to new batteries is recommended for the best result.

    Experience better mileage in Automotive application:

    Nanopulser preserves a high CCA rating for the starter battery for many years. Vehicle's electrical equipment will operate at a higher voltage. Electric windows operate more powerfully when closing and opening. Radio sounds loud and clear. Headlights are brighter. If you have been driving with a weak battery, when Nanopulser is installed you would even experience better mileage (go to testimonial page to go to our Case Studies & Testimonials page). Reason being that technically, the alternator is in the 12V electrical system, and load on the alternator can affect fuel efficiency by adding mechanical drag to the engine. The more load on the electrical system, the more drag in the alternator. The difference in fuel efficiency between a shoddy 12V system & a decent one can be measured by Scan-Tool devices.

    Nanopulser can be applied to:

    > Automobile> Construction Equipment
    > Truck, SUV, Station Wagon> Fishing Boat
    > Boat, Vessel> Recreational Vehicles
    > Farming Equipment> Electric Sweeper
    > Golf Cart> Electric Vehicle
    > Trailer> Electric Wheelchair
    > Bus> Lift
    > Forklift> Other deep cycle battery operated vehicles

  • Home Battery Tech Nanopulser :  
    (#PGNP)  Nanopulser - size: 3-5/32" x 2-5/32" x 1", weight: 3 oz., consumption: 30~40mA, made in Japan.
     WARRANTY: Good for 1 year from the date of purchase. You will be responsible for shipping charges.
     DELIVERY: 12V & 48V models will not be in stock unless you can order 40~45 units at a time. Sorry.
    > Looking for 12V Desulfators? Check out HVS & CTEK.

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