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Vortex Generators

Vortex Generators are commonly used on aircrafts to prevent downstream flow separation and improves their overall performance by reducing drag. Vortex Generators Delta Wings allow you to achieve similar results on any vehicle you own in only a few minutes.

Vortex Generators can be used on all makes and models of Cars, Trucks, SUVs, Trailers, RVs, and any vehicle where there is downward air flow separation. Each wing measures 80mm depth x 25mm height x 31mm width.

Based on previous research, the following side by side comparison shows how using Vortex Generators can reduce the flow separation at the rear end that causes drag using a One-Half Delta Wing design:

General Questions:

  • What are Vortex Generators?
    Vortex Generators are commonly used on aircrafts to prevent downstream flow separation and improves their overall performance by reducing drag. Vortex Generators Delta Wings allow you to achieve similar results on any vehicle you own in only a few minutes.

  • What kind of vehicles can Vortex Generators be used on?
    Vortex Generators are not just another "just for looks" racing modification. Delta Wings can be used on most any vehicle were there is air flow separation. That includes most everyday vehicles such as Sedans, Compacts/Coups, Station Wagons, Sports Cars, Jeeps, Trucks, Vans, SUVs, Trailers, and RVs. If you are looking to use the Delta Wings solely as a modification then the sky is the limit.

  • How long will Vortex Generators stay on the vehicle?
    While Vortex Generators are guaranteed for 3 years but they are designed to last for over 5 years. For best results make sure to firmly press the Delta Wings down for 20-30 seconds around the base during installation.

  • What are the advantages of using Vortex Generators?
    Vortex Generators reduce overall aerodynamic drag, rear-end air flow separation, turbulent air flow, and allows for faster clean air at the vehicle's rear end. This increases gas mileage performance, down force, top speed, and velocity. For further details see our Generators page.

  • What are the disadvantages of using Vortex Generators?
    Research has found no known disadvantages and decrease drag using Delta Wings 30MM tall or smaller. Vortex Generators are 25MM tall. Improper installation can result in decreased results. Vehicles with rear wings will see maximum possible results using Vortex Generators.

  • What does the Warranty cover?
    The 3 year Warranty solely covers providing replacement Delta Wings and 3M pads. Vortex Generators will not be held responsible for consumer error or damage that may come from installing the product.

  • What does each package contain?
    10 Vortex Delta Wings (enough for a single vehicle), 10 Double sided 3M adhesive pads, and 2 Installation guides with directions.


  • How long does the installation take?
    Installation takes, on average, between 10-20 minutes. Print extra guides below (2nd pen icon) to further speed up the process.

  • What are the recommended Delta Wing placement degrees?
    Please refer to the chart below that can be used for most vehicles.

  • How do I find out how to get the best results for my vehicle?
    Air flow separation is created differently for each vehicle. Before installing your Delta Wings please consult the following info to determine the air flow separation point on your vehicle for best results.

  • What do I use to clean my vehicle before installation?
    Use Alcohol or any purpose made auto paint cleaning product to fully clean the surface were you will put the Vortex Generators. Do not use nail polish remover or any other harsh cleaning products so as to avoid damaging the vehicle's paint job.

  • How do I best use the guides?
    For best result tape the guides down on your car to insure that your have the placement 100% correct upon install. Do not use a tape that will destroy the vehicles paint job.

  • How are the Vortex Generators attached?
    Adhesive 3M double sided adhesive pads are used to attach the Vortex Generators securely. For best results make sure to firmly press the Vortex Generators for a full 20-30 seconds after putting it onto the vehicle.

  • Will the adhesive strips hurt my vehicle’s paint job?
    If Delta Wings are installed correctly using the recommended methods explained on this site as well as materials provided/suggested no damage should occur.

  • Can I use other adhesives on the Delta Wings?
    No, Vortex Generators do not recommend using anything other than the provided 3M adhesive pads. Using other adhesives voids all warranty.

  • How do I remove Vortex Generators?
    Because Vortex Generators can be used on such a wide range of vehicles, we suggest taking your vehicle to your local body shop for their suggestions as to what would be the best way to remove the Delta Wings. We strongly advise against pulling the Delta Wings from your vehicle, damage may occur.

  • How to Install:

    Installation of the 10 Delta Wings are quick and easy with our placement guides and 3M adhesive pads. The quick and easy 3 step installation can be found on each guide. Below is the expanded version where you only need alcohol and everyday household tape to avoid hurting your vehicle's paint job.

    *Please note when installing Vortekz™ Generators in cold weather it is recommended to heat the surface of the vehicle as well as Delta Wings and adhesive pads or application will not work properly.

    Determining your car’s point of air flow separation
    The air flow separation point is when the air flowing over your car hits the point where your cars body design declines. On most vehicles it's the point where the rear of your roof transitions to the back windshield.

    The optimal point of installation would be 100MM before the air flow separation point. On many vehicles the point is 100MM from their roofline. In the case of a dome shaped vehicle the Vortekz™ Generators Delta Wings should be optimally placed 100MM before the highest point in the roof and will need to be lined up accordingly.

    Step 1:
    Clean the surface of your roofline with alcohol and find the center line of your vehicle. Punch out the guides along the perforations, only the two middle pieces are needed for installation. Place guides flush on both sides with edge resting on the roofline (A). Taping down the guides will help keep them in place as you move on to Step 2.
    Step 2:
    Rotate the inner guide to the desired placement degree. Make sure to line up the degrees on both sides for proper alignment (B). Use the recommended degree chart below for the angle of each wing. Strip off one side of the 3M pad and attach it to the Delta Wing inside the outer lip. Then remove the other side of the pad and place Delta Wing in the center of the guide and press down firmly for 20-30 seconds around the base of the Delta Wing.
    Step 3:
    Keeping one guide in place, shift the second guide to it’s opposite side (C). Repeat Steps 1 and 2 until you finish one side of the car. Then mirror the angles on the opposite side of the center line. You can also print out additional guides from the downloads section below and layout multiple guides alongside each other for even quicker results.
    Results should look similar to those shown here:
    Recommended Degrees:

    Intended for angle reference only. Does not accurately depict spacing.


  • What are the steps for the painting the Primer Base Coat (VGPR-001) Delta Wings?
    Consult your local auto supply store / paint shop / manufacturer to match your current paint job. VGPR-001Delta Wings require no preparation. Application is as simple as spraying on the color right on top of the Primer Base Coat of each Delta Wing. After 2 or 3 coats for best results cover with clear coat. Delta Wings can also be brought to your local body shop where they can do it for you if you do not feel comfortable doing it yourself.

  • Can I paint the Black (VGBL-001) Delta Wings?
    Yes it is possible, but for best results, adding a primer base coat before painting is suggested for best results.

  • Can Wings be placed differently and still achieve same effects?
    Yes there are varying ways to place the Vortex Generators all over your vehicle and still achieve improved airflow as our Delta Wings were designed to help anywhere there is air flow separation.

    One inexpensive method for finding points of air separation on your vehicle is by covering it with a light dust like flour or corn starch and then driving it for a short period of time (preferably on a closed course or empty street). Upon exiting your vehicle you will see the areas where the dust remains and then you can simply place the Delta Wings 100MM in front of those points.

    We have received reports of people putting Delta Wings on the hoods of their vehicles were air flow separation is taking place with results that include: savings on gas mileage, increased visibility in rain, deflecting insects from the windshield, and reducing cabin noise from turbulent air flow.

    We have also received reports from users placing Delta Wings on the trunk of their vehicle where they have experienced reduced amounts of dust and dirt on the rear of the vehicle as well as a more stable drive.


  • How do I keep the Delta Wings clean?
    Vortex Generators require virtually no maintenance or special care. You can clean them the same as you would clean any other part of your car.

  • Are they carwash safe?
    Using the recommended installation the Delta Wings are 100% car wash safe.

  • What do I do if a Delta Wing is knocked off?
    If a Delta Wing is somehow knocked off or goes missing during the 3 year guarantee we will send a replacement set of 5 free Delta Wings if you have proof of purchase. Each replacement set has a shipping and handling fee of $2.50.

  • Where can I get spare installation guides?
    Extra guides are located at the bottom of this table (see second pen icon). Do not resize the guides. Be sure to print at 100%. Printing on card stock or heavier paper is suggested for easier application to your vehicle.

  • Can I get replacement 3M Pads?
    Additional 3M pads can be replaced for free with proof of purchase but require shipping and handling of $2.50.

  • How do I validate my Warranty?
    Warranties can be validated by simply providing sufficient proof of purchase of any kind.

Home Performance Vortex Generators :  
(#VGxx001)  Vortekz Universal Vortex Generators - 10-pk
 NOTE: Pimer Base Coat has a matte medium grey finish that actually looks quite cool as is. Esp. if you have a grey or silver ride.

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