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... plus many more advantages!

Suspension usually means front shocks, rear struts, springs, or a combo of any of the above. Suspension can also include front & rear stabilizer bars if applicable. Some even include lateral (from front to rear) reinforcing bars. But for simplicity sake, let's focus on footworks here, i.e. shocks, struts & springs.

Is there one single, simple upgrade that can transform your SUV, pickup, or passenger vehicle? That can turn it from a marshmallow to a true performance automobile in just a few hours? This is not just hype, these are real-world gains, obtained in impartial, independent testing, that detail the incredible mileage & performance increases achieved by simply upgrading your stock suspension system. Who needs to "meet OE specifications" when we can exceed them with flying colors?

In the simplest form, when we mention 'better suspension', we refer to swapping out stock springs, shocks, struts, or all of the above with counterparts that are: 1) stiffer, 2) lower, 3) better progressive spring rates, or 4) a combination of the above. You can easily measure the before & after differences via a performance meter.

  • Performance - via a combination of progressive spring rates and a lower center of gravity:
    • Top speed - Increased due to reduced aero drag.
    • Slalom speed - Increased due to reduced roll, better steering response.
    • Lane-changing performance - Enhanced due to reduced roll, better steering response.
    • Braking 60-0 mph - Shortened due to reduced dive.
    • Laterla g (skid pad) - Increased due to reduced dive.
    • Acceleration time 0-60 mph - Reduced due to reduced weight transfer.
    • Road course lap times - Reduced due to all of the above.
    • Conclusion: Your vehicle is transformed in virtually every aspect of performance & handling. It becomes much more enjoyable to drive, with better steering feel and response, enhanced cornering speed, more secure braking and impressive high-speed stability, all retaining a compliant, comfortable ride.

  • Safety
    • Lane-changing performance - Improved due to reduced roll, better steering response.
    • Braking 60-0 mph - Shortened due to reduced dive.
    • High speed stability - combination of progressive spring rates & a lower center of gravity reduces vehicle bouncing motion, thus minimizing uneven road surface disturbance.

  • Comfort
    • Improved smoothness even on rough roads.
    • Reduces that cushiony/airy feel of stock suspension by reducing bouncing/pitching.
  • Styling
    • Improved profile of its filled wheel wells and lower, sportier, more-aggressive stance. Reduces car height by typically 15~40 mm.
  • Mileage
    • Average MPG on straight roads - Enhanced due to reduced aero drag.
    • Average MPG on corners - Enhanced as you can now enter a corner with higher speeds (utilize its momentum more) which translates to less acceleration required as you exit the corner.
    • Better aerodynamics (due to lower center of gravity) reduces underbody drag which translates to better MPG substantially, since that at highway speeds, 60% of the energy goes to push air out of the way.

    For '04-09 Prius, we offer Modellista, TRD, BLITZ & RSR lowering springs. When ordering, please specify what size wheel your Prius come in from the factory, NOT from your dealership or from your aftermarket tire place. Apparently, Prius only comes in 2 size of wheels from the factory and 15" & 16" wheels use 77mm & 85mm (diameter) rear springs respectively. To order suspension parts for your Prius, please go to our Prius Portal Page.

    For all other vehicles, please email us your make, year, model, engine & FACTORY wheel size. We will make a suggestion for you.

    2007 Ford F-150 2WD Crew Cab

    2007 Honda Accord LX

    NOTE: Before you lower your vehicle, consider the followings:
    • Do you live in a region with lots of pot holes, steep driveways, speed bumpers, etc.?
    • Do you describe your current ride comfort level as 'on the stiff side' already?
    • Do you live in a region with lots of snow & rough terrain?
    If you answer yes to the above question, maybe you should think twice before lowering your ride. But you can still improve your suspension without lowering your vehicle.

    We carry most brands of suspension systems out there, including the hard-to-find JDM brands like Modellista, TRD, BLITZ, RSR*, TOM'S, etc. Email us for more info.

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