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Use this vehicle-specific Throttle Controller for enhanced acceleration or improved fuel economy

Vehicles nowadays use electric throttle (a.k.a. drive by wire) that replaces wired throttle. Electric throttle was engineered with fuel economy in mind originally but at the expense of intuitive acceleration response. As a result, the loss of such instantaneous inertia feedback bothers many drivers. But now a plug-n-play device by BLITZ Japan counters this lag in acceleration response. This device does NOT generate more power for your vehicle. But it enhances acceleration response via 4 different settings so that you can use it for improved fuel economy (ECO mode) or acceleration (SP1 / SP2 / SP3 modes).

The acceleration enhancement part is pretty self-explanatory. First & foremost, please note that this device does NOT enhance both acceleration AND fuel economy at the same time. More responsive acceleration usually results in a loss of fuel economy. You have to choose quicker acceleration OR better fuel economy.

Brand new 2010 Toyota Prius incorporates this new "Eco, Power & EV Modes". It sounds exactly like the Throttle Controller from the description: "Because not all drivers are the same, the 3rd generation Prius comes w/ 3 different additional driving modes. Each mode allows for more or less gas pedal responsiveness, depending on your driving preference. When ECO mode is selected, the gas pedal sensitivity is reduced to maximize fuel economy. The EV Mode drives solely on battery power for up to 1/2-mile under certain conditions. The Power Mode increases the gas pedal sensitivity & provides a more responsive driving experience. In all modes, max. acceleration is the same."

  • Source: The 3rd Generation Prius at

    Did you know that many hardcore "hypermilers" drive with sock or bare feet? This practice allows them to modulate the accelerator to the finest degree which is particularly important when driving with load and/or target MPG driving at cruise. Race car drivers typically wear extremely thin-sole boots for similar reasons; for the highest level of tactile feedback from the vehicle, and to better finesse the pedals.

  • Source: 108 hypermiling / ecodriving tips ...

    A more responsive throttle may also contribute to easier coasting, easier pulse & glide, easier upshift coaxing (see above link Point #77). It can also force better driving habits.

  • Reference: Driving technique: exploring 'Pulse and Glide'

    Conventional thought says that getting off the mark gently and getting up to speed gradually is the way to save the most fuel. However, some hypermilers believe that being a bit aggressive on start-up yields better mileage than slow acceleration.

  • Source: Toyota: Behind the Wheel - Getting the Most From Your Toyota Hybrid

    Use the above English chart for wording & data reference. Now, take a look at the below ECO chart so that you know what the Japanese text mean. As you can see, the throttle open ratio is higher initially. This gives slightly more responsive initial acceleration. The blue line levels out with the red line (stock drive by wire) so as to make sure that you don't abuse the enhanced response once the accelerator is stepped down around 25%+.

    For those of you who cares all about acceleration & care less about fuel economy, use SP1/2/3 modes instead. As you can see from the below charts, the throttle controller gives you a much more responsive acceleration than stock all along the throttle position - at the expense of burning more fuel though.

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    (#BLITZTC)  BLITZ Throttle Controller - check application guide first before ordering
    (#BLITZTCRC)  BLITZ Reverse Cancel Harness - disable T.C. when in reverse, universal model
     NOTE: Please check applicationg guide first & then specify your vehicle make, year, model, engine type.
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