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Blitz Hybrid Cabin Air Filter (a.k.a. A/C Filter):

These are the world's first automotive washable / reusable cabin air filter! Imagine how much waste you can spare the environment from & how much money you can save.

BLITZ Hybrid cabin filters are designed to replicate the size and fit capacity of your stock OE filter (if applicable). Thus expect direct plug-n-play replacement. They are more superior to your OE filter in terms of filtration capacity.

Thanks to a nanotechnology called Photocatalysis, the titanium dioxide (TiO2) coating on this filter reacts with natural sunlight and a powerful anti-bacterial & deodorant reaction takes place, rendering them to be reusable over and over again.

Please note that a catalyst is neither consumed nor altered in the reaction so theoretically speaking, this TiO2 coating does not diminish. However, it doesn't mean that these filters can be washed & reused infinitely because as particles get trapped by this filter, some portion of the coating is permanently blocked. And as you vacuum & wash these filters, some coating may be scraped off over time. Nevertheless, this is still the world's most environmental cabin air filter.

The regenerative procedure:

  1. Hybrid A/C Filter is blue in color when new.
  2. As it absorbs airborne pollutants, its color turns to brown. So check once every 6 months or every 2 oil change intervals.
  3. Vacuum the filter gently (optional but recommended) & wash it under faucet to dislodge as much dirt as possible.
  4. Let it sunbathe in direct daylight for 6~12 hours so that Photocatalysis can take place to oxidize vital pathogens (i.e. disinfection) & to deodorize a vast spectrum of odors.
  5. Now, your dried filter is ready to be used again.
  6. NOTE: When you notice that the filter has stubborn stain/dirt adhered to it even after repeat washes, it's an indication that the filter may have reached the end of its lifespan because no photocatalysis can take place if the TiO2 coating is blocked.

Home Safety Air Purification BLITZ Hybrid :  
(#BHACF)  BLITZ Hybrid A/C Filter - for direct replacement
 DELIVERY: 3~4 weeks for JDM accessories.

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