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  • Features of Negative Ions
    Cleaner air. Eliminates auto fumes, monoxide smoke, dust & odors. Reduce feelings of sleepiness, fuzziness & irritability. Improves your moods, energy, attention-span & concentration. Improves reaction time. Enhances efficiency of your vehicle's cabin air filter (HEPA or fiber-gloss).
  • Air Pollution is Dangerous!
    The danger is pollution from auto exhaust. Today's catalytic converters "grind up" the car exhaust into particles so small they form micron soot - which is so fine it can easily be absorbed into your lungs.
  • Nature's Solution
    We've all felt the effects of ions in the air after a thunderstorm or around a waterfall. When you take a deep breath, the air smells good and you feel good. The opposite feelings are experienced when stalled in traffic breathing exhaust fumes. Many scientific studies document that pollution filled environments make you feel moody, depressed, irritable and restless.
  • Ions Clean the Air
    The Automotive Air Ionizer cleans the air by electrostatically removing both visible and invisible particles as small as 1/1000th (0.001) of a micron. These include allergy-causing pollens, exhaust and tobacco smoke, dust, even airborne bacteria! Fill your car with beneficial ions and drive refreshed.
  • Auto-Mate Specifications
     Emitter:  Solid Platinum / Gold Plate Stainless Steel
     Ion wind purified air flow:  100 ft/min
     Ion Density at 2 ft:  1,300,000 ions/cm3
     Operation:  Continuous
     Input:  12VDC to 4mA
     Construction:  Aircraft Type Polycarbonate
     Warranty:  90 days parts & labor
     Indicator:  Ion Flow Monitor
     Weight / Length / Diameter:  3 oz / 4.5" / 0.9"

  • University of Cincinnati Environmental Health Foundation

    The University of Cincinnati Environmental Health Foundation tested the Automotive Air Ionizer and found that 50% particle removal efficiency can be achieved with this unit in about 20 - 25 minutes. The efficiency exceeds 80% after about 40 minutes and ranges between 90 and 97% (depending upon particle size) after one hour. The range of efficiency has not been demonstratively shown, or equaled, by any other auto air cleaner on the market.
  • Queen's University of Medicine in Kingston, Ontario
    Researchers at Queen's compared car accidents occuring in Frontenae County between June and September 1968, with the three previous years, they discovered that 81% of the fatal mishaps and 73% of the non-fatal accidents had occured when the barometric pressure was falling, and an overabundance of harmful, depressant positive ions was being produced*. (* Weather fronts have the effects of altering the relative ion concentrations in the air)
  • Transportation Agency (VOLAN) in Hungary
    Their study was set up to determine whether truck and bus fleets should be equipped with negative ion generators showed overwhelmingly that:
    • driver's performances improved when negative ion generators were installed
    • drivers were less tired at the end of the day
  • British Automobile Association
    In its authoritative Drivers Manual, states, "Electrically charged particles or ions in the atmosphere affect the way we feel and act. Positive ion charges cause drowsiness and depression. Negative ion charges create a feeling of exhilaration and well-being." This highly respected manual has convinced many drivers in Europe to acquire negative ion generators for their vehicles.
  • National Aeronautics and Space Adminiatration (NASA)
    James B. Beal - a former NASA staff, became involved with the ion phenomenon while studying the type of environment necessary in space capsules. He concluded that: "The human race was developed in ionized air. Nature used the ions in developing our biological process." Negative ion generators are now reputed to be used not only in space capsules but in aircraft and submarines as well.
  • Air Resources Board and the South Coast Air Quality Management
    Orange County Register, June 11, 1999. Pollution Risk Worse Inside Car - Urban Southern California drivers exposure to air pollution may be up to 10 times higher inside the car than outside ... Levels were two to ten times higher for a variety of toxic compounds inside car; more traffic meant more exposure. The $440,000 study by state Air Resources Board and the South Coast Air Quality Management measured pollution inside cars driven by researchers. The data was collected in 1997 during two hours commutes in L.A. and Sacramento areas.

  • Beware of cheap knock offs!
    Auto-Mate Circuit City (Orbyx Electronics) Brookstone (Generic Brand)
    - Emits 1,300,000 negative ions per cubic cm (the higher, the better) - Emits 2,622 negative ions per cubic cm (496 times weaker) - Not published (they probably have no clue)
    - Generates 0.028 ppm O3 (the lower, the safer) - Generates 0.3 ppm O3 (almost 11x higher) - Not published (does it even meet EPA regulations?)

  • New for 2007! Ion Feel
    Ion Feel is both a negative ionizer as well as a photocatalytic air purifier. This unit emits 500,000 negative ions per cubic cm (@ 7.9") and it is coated w/ a special nanotechnology lining called titanium dioxide inside & out. When UV light (from either the sun or its own UV-spectrum LED diode) hits this coating, trapped pollutants (incl. organic ones like Benzene), pathogens & allergens get decomposed. TiO2 acts as a catalyst in this chemical reaction so it is neither consumed nor altered after the process, thus its deodorizing/purifing ability is infinite. Its neck can be angled (up to 90°) such that it is out of the way and its functional UV LED light doubles as a mood-enhancing light. It also comes w/ on ON/OFF switch. For more info on Photocatalysis, please browse our other product page called: HygienIQ.

  • Also available: BioGuard - the wearable air purifier
    BioGuard is a tiny wearable air ionizer with dimensions: 2.4" (w) x 4.1" (l) x 0.86" (d). Each photo cell battery can run it continuously for 50 hours. Purified airflow output is rated at a greater than 100 ft. per metre. Click on Page 2 icon for detailed product information.

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  • Home Safety Air Purification Auto-Mate :  
     (#PENAUTOAI)   Auto-Mate - 12V automotive air ionizer (purifier) for cabin use $0N/A
     (#CMIONFEEL)   Ion Feel BLUE - negative ionizer + photocatalytic air purifier $045
     (#MAIBG1000)   BioGuard - wearable air ionizer (purifier) for personal use $099
    NOTE: Auto-Mate & BioGuard are patented & fabricated in the USA. Do not confuse these state-of-the-art ionizers with similarly-looking items made overseas that have absolutely no or weak specifications.

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