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Rayzer is Visualeyesís first innovation that redefines the whole concept of auxiliary lights. By being the first auxiliary light that is mounted inside the car, Rayzer sets a whole new standard.

Rayzer is mounted on the inside of the windshield right behind the rearview mirror. This position and Rayzerís small size keep it from disturbing the driverís field of vision. Compared to normal auxiliary lights, Rayzerís higher placement gives drivers considerably better illumination. And its HID Xenon technology has superior performance Ė studies show the light emitted gives drivers three times better visibility than standard halogen bulbs. The HID Xenonís light spectrum is designed to match your eyeís own visual spectrum, which makes seeing at night much more comfortable. The lamps life-span adds up to 3,000 hours, which corresponds to about five years of problem free driving. HID capsules are of course replaceable.

Traditional auxiliary lights are difficult to mount, easy to steal and their performance is often affected by becoming dirty in adverse weather or broken by stones or parking accidents. Rayzer solves these problems.

Rayzer is wirelessly synchronized with the vehicleĻs high-beams, turning on and off with the flick of the same switch. If the light level needs to be adjusted, for example when towing a heavy load, Rayzer's two lamps can be adjusted in height and breadth with the turn of a knob either before starting or while driving.

Last but not least, Rayzer takes your carís appearance and aerodynamics into account. Rayzer has a stylish and elegant design. Moreover, it allows you to have the benefits of auxiliary lights without mounting large, unsightly, 'out-of-place' lights on the front. Rayzer sits discreetly on the inside of the vehicle, designed to fit in seamlessly with modern vehicle interiors.

Your risk goes up when the sun goes down:
Less than 30% of driving is done at night. Yet it accounts for over 60% of traffic fatalities. Think about that. When you drive at night, your risk increases almost 70%. But you can put the odds back in your favor.

The key is to be able to see better at night. Studies have found that visual degradation is the leading factor in all night time crashes. Thatís because 90% of a driverís reaction time depends on vision. But even with conventional headlights, 20/20 vision is reduced to 20/50 at night - with depth perception, color recognition, and peripheral vision all degraded. Remember, at 65 mph, even a half second faster reaction buys 50 feet of road.

If you are forty or older, then you are probably starting to notice the effects even more. Thatís because night vision starts declining once you turn 30. In fact, a 50 year-old driver can need twice the light to see as well as a 30-year old.

Now you can even the playing field:
Night driving risks can be reduced if you get better visual input. The Society of Automotive Engineers researched this and concluded that traditional headlamps Ēcannot be designed to produce sufficient illumination to overcome the driverís reduced visual capabilities.Ē That is why a non-traditional approach is required to make the road a safer place at night. Rayzer does this by both enhancing the spectrum of light provided for the driver and widening the angle of illumination to include more of the periphery, where collision threats such as animals, cars or pedestrians often originate.

Unrivaled performance and elegant Swedish design:
Compared to normal driving lights, Rayzerís higher placement means it illuminates a much wider area. Rayzer is mounted on the inside of the windshield behind the rearview mirror. This position, along with Rayzerís small size, keeps it from interfering with the driverís field of vision. And its HID Xenon technology has superior performance Ė studies show the light emitted gives drivers 300% better visibility than standard halogen bulbs. Whatís more, the HID Xenonís light spectrum is designed to match your eyesí own visual spectrum, which makes seeing at night more comfortable. NOTE: If there's not enough clearance between the mirror and windshield, it's always an option to remove the mirror and then glue it onto the Rayzer, see here.

Revitalize your night-driving experience:
Rayzer makes driving at night safer. When you can see more of the road, you can avoid more of its dangers. Thousands of accidents occur every night because people are unable to see fallen trees, bends or animals that appear unexpectedly from the side of the road. At 50 mph, you cover 73 feet every second. Having extra reaction time can make all the difference for the safety of you and your passengers.

With wider illumination and a more comfortable light spectrum, Rayzer also helps your eyes stay fresh. Straining one's eyes has both a physical and mental effect that fatigues a driver. And since it is already late in the day, the effect multiplies and inhibits reaction time. Retaining your energy and being able to see more makes driving at night a whole new experience with Rayzer.

See 300% better at night:
Now for the first time in the US, you can enjoy a safe night time driving experience, just like countless Swedish drivers. The Rayzer wide beam driving light helps you see 300% better, compared to conventional high beams. It restores the peripheral vision you lose once the sun goes down. Normal high beams only light up the center of the road, resulting in poor visibility and strained eyes. Rayzer creates a wider field of brighter light for a safer, more comfortable driving experience. It mounts discreetly inside the windshield, just behind your rearview mirror. So it doesnít interfere with your carís aesthetics or aerodynamics. It synchs to your high beam controls and can be activated wirelessly.

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