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While other inexpensive LED light strips are mostly for looks, VLine is a heavy-duty, professional & high-intensity LED auxiliary light. On top of all that, it dramatically improves your ride's looks too!

Elegant, quality and easy to install solution will make your car look different and it will give you some serious additional light you need for safe driving. This is a perfect solution to make your car stand out at times when you need it the most. If it's raining, snowing, foggy or sunny you car will be visible to other drivers next to you and at the same time will not blind anyone.

VLine will simply glue on the head light and with its semi-flexible design and no holes drilling we make connections completely invisible making a clean factory look.

The design is so brilliant that it will work under cold or hot temperature, sun light, rain or snow. It will handle any environment Mother Nature gives us from New York to Los Angeles.

Our patent pending innovation is so new and technologically-advanced that you will get additional 1,400 lumens of lights (unfocused light, 700 lumens per strip) to your existing light output from factory headlights and fog lights. FYI, factory halogen headlights typically output about 1,400~1,550 lumens between 2 bulbs.


  • Lumens: 700 per strip
  • Color output: 5,000K (daylight spectrum)
  • Length: 12~14" per strip
  • Be safe on the road, make sure other drivers see you
  • Make your car stand out from the crowd
  • Get this additional side light very important at the dark
  • Fully automotive design
Obtain elegant, innovative look your car is asking for!

There are three ways to set up the VLine. You can have them ON all the time, you can also set it up to synchronize with your turn signal, for even COOLER performance, and you can also dim them when your headlights are on.

The following chart lists models that have been tested w/ the VLine. But if you don't see your car in this list, print the Profile Guide (below right corner) & try it yourself. Remember to email us so that we can add your model to this list.

LED Light Strips are for off-road & show use only. Check w/ your local authorities & counsels to determine if the LED Light Strips are legal to use in your area.

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