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  • PIAA Dimple Evolution - Dimple as in the indented shape of the diffusing lens. It maximizes dispersion of brightness. Same size as factory incandescent counterparts. All models consume 1W.
  • - 3~5 weeks for JDM delivery       
  • PIAA Lapiz - This is PIAA's best-in-class LED bulb in terms of diffusion pattern, 3x diodes to achieve a 360° x 300° all-around illumination pattern. 55 lumens output for the T10 (6000K) models, 42 lumens for the T10x31 (6000K) models. Integrated voltage control circuitry that makes it compatible with Prius and other 'bulb-sensitive' hybrid models. No resistors required. FYI, factory incandescent bulbs output in the followings: T10/0.3W = 7lm, T10x31/0.5W = 18lm.
  • - 3~5 weeks for JDM delivery       
  • PIAA Spark Moon - This new lens design emits light in a 360° pattern, they all output in 6000K white color and the T10 models consume 0.8W. FYI, incandescent bulbs output in the followings: T10/5W = 50lm, T10x31/8W = 95lm, G14/7.5W = 75lm. Multi A: 64 x 30.3 x 4 (mm). Multi B: 27.3 x 14.9 x 4 (mm). Multi C: 52.2 x 15.2 x 4 (mm). Multi D: 28 x 28 x 4 (mm). Cord length on all: 70mm.
  • PIAA Super Tera Room - All bulbs featured in this line come with interchangeable harness. FYI, factory incandescent bulbs output in the followings: T10/5W = 50lm, T10x31/8W = 95lm, G14/7.5W = 75lm.
  • - 3~5 weeks       
  • PIAA LED Room Lamps for Import Car - This line is for import cars only. And for interior room use only. Built-in resistor to defeat faulty bulb indicator but there's no guarantee that it's fully compatible with every single import car out there. Hence the PH158 in-line resistor (see pull-down menu). Color is close to 6,500K.
  • - 3~5 weeks for JDM delivery       

    Finally, a Japanese bulb maker that makes LED T20 & S25 bulbs! Each bulb comes with world's first integrated single-piece molded heatsink that enables bright SMT LED in a very compact form. You may use this line w/ the LED Regulator which in turn serves 3 functions: 1) Its microprocessor remembers your factory turn signal locations, 2) it corrects hyper-blinking syndrome & other faulty bulb indications, 3) It accurately senses abnormalities & warns user if a specific issue requires special attention. But you have to understand Japanese to be able to set this up & understand its full featuers.
    - Original product page in Japanese.

    Latest 2009 PIAA Super TERA Evolution line. Approx. same dimensions (10mm diameter x 24mm L) as factory incandescent counterparts yet with 75% reduction in power consumption. Rated at about 1.25W. This is PIAA Japan's latest LED diode. Available in 5,500K, 6,000K & 6,600K colors. As well as in T10 & T10x31 bulb types. T10 model consumes 1.25W.
    - Original product page in Japanese.
     PIAA Super TERA Evolution

    PIAA Super TERA Blue, 6500 & 4500 LED bulbs - these are so far the most powerful & brightest LED bulbs made by PIAA. Please note its longer dimensions: (10mm diameter x 33mm L). It is the newest member of PIAA's Super TERA series. This particular line outputs up to 18x brighter than conventional counterparts. Each bulb contains 3x Hyper LED diodes that output in a 45° wide angle. Also included is PIAA's exclusive integrated heat dissipation fins. This prolongs the bulb lifespan substantially.
    - PIAA Japan Super TERA 6500 LED Bulb page
     PIAA Super TERA LED Bulbs

    PIAA Super TERA Room Lamp LED bulbs - up to 20x brighter than other LED room lamp bulbs.
     PIAA Super TERA Room Lamp

    PIAA's TERA series is finally available in T10x31 (a.k.a. festoon, cabin lamp, etc.) config! Brightness is up to 18 times that of conventional T10x31 LED bulbs and lifespan is rated at at least 50,000 hours.
    - PIAA Japan TERA T10x31 LED Bulb webpage in translated English
    - PIAA Japan TERA T10x31 LED Bulb webpage
    - PIAA Japan TERA T10x31 LED Bulb Application Guide in .pdf
     PIAA TERA T10x31 LED Bulbs

    PIAA TERA 'Halogen-2-LED' Bulb converts your halogen into genuine LED bulb! Perfect for fog lamp & DRL (daylight running light) purposes. Imagine the electricity that you save while still enjoying super bright LED output. 3x ultra bright LED diodes per bulb. HB means that they fit into sockets of 9004/5/6/7.
     PIAA TERA Halogen-2-LED Bulbs

    PIAA super high intensity Hyper LED TERA series. Super TERA bulbs shown here output at 12x the brightness of conventional LED bulbs and are rated at 1W. T10x31 (a.k.a. T6) Dome bulbs are rated at 3W and are available in 2 configurations. Integrated heat sink design for 5500K & 4500K models to improve lifespan & efficiency. Ignitors (load resistors) included for 5500K & 4500K models.
    FOB: Japan  PIAA TERA LED Bulbs

    PIAA Super Super LED Series utilizes 6x or 4x large aperture diodes for super high brightness. Wide angle for improved illumination.
    FOB: Japan  PIAA Super LED Bulbs

    Remember, if there are other PIAA products that you need, we sure can get you. Remember to follow the instructions mentioned in Paragraph 7 on our Lighting Portal menu page.
    Home Lighting Menu PIAA :

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