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Please Read Before Proceeding
  1. Firstly, you may or may not realize that converting halogen bulbs to HID capsules, and converting incandescent to LED/CCFL bulbs, can save light consumption wattage. This translates to higher MPG (among other benefits). Reason being that technically, the alternator is in the 12V electrical system, and load on the alternator can affect fuel efficiency by adding mechanical drag to the engine. The more load on the electrical system, the more drag in the alternator. The difference in fuel efficiency between a shoddy 12V system & a decent one can be measured by Scan-Tool devices.
    • 100% LED lighting on an EV can reduce current draw that translates into 6-mile range boost per single charge: Engadget article.
  2. Secondly, all of our lighting products are for offroad & show use only. Check with your local traffic authority to see if these are legal to use onroad in your region.
  3. Thirdly, you should know what bulbs your vehicle uses. Use its owner's manuals as reference. Alternatively, call up your dealers or use the Sylvania Lamp Replacement Guide. But this guide is known to contain errors from time to time. You're solely responsible for the bulb types that you order. There are no returns on any of our lighting products.
  4. There are 5 major bulb technologies used in the automotive world. And we categorize them with 6 colored legends: (note: "Lamp" can be in any of the 5 types, or mixed. "LED" includes Neon, Strobe & SMD products). If you have no idea what do these mean, please do a search or ask us.
  5. We categorize all our lighting products by brands. These are the newest, most advanced & rarest automotive lighting products in the world. We don't usually stock them but we import from Japan, Germany & other countries on a monthly basis per your order.
  6. Delivery time is at least 3-5 weeks and 100% pre-payment is required. You may check our JDM Order Deadline Calendar. No cancellation or change of order once your order is in. Certain "Halogen-2-HID" conversion kits cannot be shipped to the US so please check your local traffic laws. S&H is not included in list prices. Items are indicated as either 2-pk or each (i.e.: 1-pk).
  7. 'Their catalogues are our catalogues', this means we sometimes provide links to the makers' sites & product pages so you can always view their latest offerings. Email us for price quotes. Use this format or else we may ignore your inquiries:
    • URL that item is on (make sure it's not nested within a frame)
    • P/N (part no.) of that item
    • Quantity wanted (pay attention to see if the item is available in 1-pack or 2-pack)
    • Your destination country & postal code so that we can quote you accurate freight
  8. All our lighting products CANNOT be returned & all submitted orders (incl. pending ones) cannot be terminated and/or altered. If they arrive broken, we will help you file UPS claims. If they arrive faulty, we will help you return them to the factories for service or replacement but you'll be billed for domestic and Int'l freight. All products are brand new, we do not sell used items.
  9. When ordering LED bulbs, please choose the same color as the lens that they are to be in, i.e. choose red LED bulb which is to be used inside a red lens. This is due to the reason that these lights emit monochromatically. The only exception to this bulb/lens color matching rule is that if the lens is clear, then you can use whatever color bulbs inside that you wish.
  10. Moreover, any low-wattage LED & CCFL bulbs may render your signals to flash faster than usual, as well as your bulb failure indicator to lit up, this can usually be fixed with the use of a Load Resistor.
  11. DISCLAIMER: Over-wattage light bulbs can melt your wire harness, housing, and even cause fire. Certain incompatible light bulbs can cause dangerous glare for oncoming traffic w/ tragic consequences. Auxiliary lighting (interior & exterior) can be distracting & affect your & others' driving. Sigma Automotive & Monolith Int'l Trading are not responsible or liable for any damage & injuries suffered by the user, his vehicle, his property or any other party associated with the use of our products. User bears full responsibility - use these at your own risk & use these wisely! Many JDM bulbs are not DOT/SAE certified, they don't come w/ a USA warranty & the original Japan warranty may be voided if bulbs are used outside of Japan. If instruction manual comes in a foreign language, it's your responsibility to have it translated professionally.
  12. What you can do to increase your headlamp performance:
    • Reduce the voltage drop to the bulbs - by bypassing the standard wiring with relays, the voltage to the headlamp can increase, giving improved performance from any bulb. Typically standard wiring is relatively thin and a 1-volt drop is common to the bulbs. When replaced with higher capacity cable & relays this voltage drop can be reduced. A 10% drop in voltage (1.2V) equates to 33% drop in light intensity.
    • Minimize the voltage drop & fluctuation to the bulbs - by utilizing voltage stabilizer like Sun Auto's Hyper Voltage System and/or voltage stabilizer + onboard super capacitors like Splitfire Japan's Super Shot. Same reasons as above.
    • Install slightly bluer bulbs - A slight reduction in the yellow spectrum (i.e. a slight increase in Kelvin color temperature) shifts factory 3800~4200°K bulbs towards the midday sun spectrum of 5000~6000°K, this tricks the human brains into thinking that more light is present even though light intensity may remain the same. Our brains can process the most visual info under midday spectrum thus the aforementioned impression.
    • Treat the bulb contacts w/ Nanocarbon liquid and/or Deep Cryogenically Treat the whole bulb (if feasible to do so).
    • Have the lamps professionally aligned - just because the car passes an annual inspection test doesn't mean the lights are aimed correctly. Have the headlamps checked with a beamsetter to ensure efficient performance and to allow the lamps to work as designed.
  13. What you must & mustn't do to your light bulbs:
    • All lights must be off when turning ignition on and off.
    • All lights must be off when changing or disconnecting car battery.
    • All lights must be off when charging the battery w/ an auxillary battery charger, or when revving the engine hard w/ a weak or dead battery.
    • All lights must be off when using jumper cables.
    • Never place LEDs next to incandescent bulbs or near any source of high ambient heat. The heat will destroy the LEDs.
    • Never place LEDs on the same circuit with an aftermarket electrical gadget that draws alot of power, like an amplifier, high powered lights, or large sub-woofer speakers.
    • Many LED light bulbs must be installed so that the +/- polarity is correct. A filament bulb will light either way it is inserted, but with LEDs, they must have the proper +/- polarity oin order to light. If your LED is not lighting, simply remove the LED, rotate 180 degrees and resinsert.
    • Never use LEDs in GM truck and SUV Daytime Running Lights (DRL's) positions. The other bulbs positions are fine, but not the DRL position.
    • It is very important that you only remove and replace one bulb at a time.
    • Do not remove/replace additional bulbs until the first bulb is working properly.
    • A missing or improperly installed bulb can effect other bulbs in remote locations of the vehicle and this can become very confusing & frustrating.
    • When inserting cluster LEDs, always touch the metal or plastic bases only. Avoid touching, bending or pushing on the little individual LED diodes. The LEDs bulb clusters are delicately soldered to circuit boards inside. When installing LEDs, care should be used to not push or put pressure on the individual diodes in the cluster. If the LEDs are bent or pushed on, they may become detached, or cause the circuit board they are attached to become delaminated, and then some of the diodes may not light.
    • If your battery is weak or your system voltage is low, all LEDs in the cluster may not light. Start the engine to ensure that your system voltage is at least 12 volts in order to enusre that all of the LEDs in the cluster are lighting.
    • Do not try to increase the voltage of your voltage regulator, or try other tricks to increase voltage feeding the LEDs. The LEDs are very sensitive to voltage spikes and will be destroyed by higher voltage.
  14. If you have questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. Thank you & enjoy.



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