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New 2008 BLITZ HIR (Halogen Infrared) line of H1 & H3 halogen bulbs. Meets JIS Standards (D5500). High-end quartz glass used. Special interior infrared finish to intensify light output without using high watts. Consumes 55W & outputs up to 155W equivalent of stock halogen power. Up to 1800 lumens of brightness that makes them right in between halogen & HID brightness! Available in near-HID colorations. These are the brightest 55W rated H3 & H1 halogen bulbs money can buy. The only H3 & H1 HIR bulbs in the world. NOTE: This line is no longer available.
FOB: Japan  BLITZ Single Tube IR Halogen

BLITZ has just released its version of HIR (Halogen Infrared Reflective) bulbs. These bulbs have a innovative Dual-Tube Design that creates more light (over 2000 lm) than conventional single tube halogen bulb. This special design coupled with IR coating intensifies the light by about 35% over other high output halogen bulbs. The emitted light is so bright that it looks very similar to H.I.D head lamps. BLITZ offers these bulbs in 3000k super clear, 4000k Super White, 5000k Super Blue, and 6000k Super Real Blue.
- BLITZ Japan Dual Tube Halogen
FOB: Japan  BLITZ Dual Tube Halogen

This heavy-duty harness protects the connector on the vehicle side, as well as the halogen bulb itself.
FOB: Japan  BLITZ Halogen Protect Harness

BLITZ D2C replacement HID capsules fit into both D2S & D2R sockets. 100% made in Japan with 1-yr factory warranty. Except 8,000K model line, all capsules compiles to J1S standard (D5500) in Japan.
- BLITZ Japan H.I.D. Replacement Burner
FOB: Japan  BLITZ H.I.D. Replacement Burner

BLITZ Halogen-2-HID conversion kits are available in 7,000K & 7 different configurations. They output 3,000 lm per kit & are made in Japan.
- BLITZ Japan H.I.D. Head Lamp System webpage
FOB: Japan  BLITZ H.I.D. Head Lamp System
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