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Prius logo – This is a product portal page for the 2010+ Prius (ZVW30). For '04~09 (NHW20) generation, please click on the following logo:
If there are parts that you think we should carry, or if you happen to be a vendor or inventor with Prius accessories to market, we'd love to hear from you. All prices are in USD and domestic S&H is NOT included. In some cases, duties & customs fees are not included in your order and it's your responsibility to pay those. Delivery time for JDM parts is around 3-5 weeks. Certain items may be out of stock in Japan and delivery time can be delayed. 100% pre-payment is required. All sales are final and there is no return policy. Products come w/ Japanese manuals only. No cancellation during wait either unless you notify us prior to the your Order Deadline date.

(O) Oversize: these items may take 2 ~ 2.5 months to deliver to a US address. We just secured a new exporter in Japan who can ship to us via containers. Thus we're accepting orders for body kits again.

Ordering Deadline:

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Updated 05-04-11 ~ :
  • Exterior: 11
  • Interior: 1
  • Performance/Elec.: 0
  • EA | GAMES Exterior -
    Click on the below banner to view all ZVW30 (2010+) Prius Exterior Accessories:

      Interior -
    Click on the below banner to view all ZVW30 (2010+) Prius Interior Accessories:

      Engine Performance / Handling / 12V Electronics -
    Click on the below banner to view all ZVW30 (2010+) Prius Performance / Handling / Electronic Accessories:

      Lighting -
    Click on left thumbnail to go to our Lighting portal page. Certain Prius-specific light bulbs & lenses are also situated in our Prius Exterior Accessories page.
      Accessories -
    Click on left thumbnail to go to our Interior Accessories page. Many items are tested on the Prius but most are suitable for all makes/models out there.

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