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Bluetooth Handsfree

Bluetooth technology takes the wires away so you’re free to do more, from almost anywhere. It’s wire-free connectivity that brings simplicity to your home, your office or even on the go.

Bluetooth technology is how mobile phones, computers, and personal digital assistants (PDAs), not to mention a broad selection of other devices such as printers and speakers, can be easily interconnected using a short-range wireless connection. Now you can coordinate any Bluetooth enabled device and leave wired clutter and confusion behind.

Wonder how Bluetooth actually works? In the past, electronic devices would require a variety of wires, cables, radio signals, connectors and plugs in order to operate. Today, Bluetooth technology streamlines the process and enables you to enjoy your favorite electronic devices – wire-free.

Bluetooth technology also doesn’t require much battery power to operate, and can handle both data and voice transmissions at the same time. For example, you could enjoy a hands-free chat on your mobile phone while sending a document wirelessly to a Bluetooth enabled printer or fax machine. It also allows you to sync up your PDA, laptop, and mobile phone applications to one central location.

Wires weren’t meant for people on the move. Bluetooth technology lets you keep both hands on the wheel while you take a call in your car from your mobile phone. Or walk, run or snowboard with Motorola’s innovative wireless wearables and headsets that keep the music and calls coming without being tied down.

  • Bluetooth Handsfree System for car use:
    Bluetooth Handsfree Systems enhance the driving experience and safety by eliminating tiresome and dangerous distractions, such as fumbling for the cell phone to answer or place a call. They also help drivers keep their eyes forward and both hands on the wheel. So as to comply with state & local laws banning the use of hand-held cell phones while driving. Conversations become clear through superior electronics and engineering. All systems featured below are equipped with digital signal processing circuitry (DSP), a must for in-car hands-free mobile communication in order to eliminate annoying echoes and to suppress surrounding noise. With stunning audio clarity, its straight-from-the-factory appearance and professional installation, its no wonder why Bluetooth Handsfree Systems are standard equipment in some of today's most luxurious automobiles. Now, the driver can keep both hands on the wheel and the eyes on the road while driving, and still talk on ...

  • Bluetooth Handsfree System minimizes radiation exposure:
    Both mobile phones & Bluetooth devices emit non-ionizing radiation, typically at frequencies 1 ~ 2.5 GHz. The data on health hazards from this type of radiation are equivocal, with some studies showing a measure of risk & some showing no problems. But because it's a good idea to err on the side of caution in such matters, regulatory bodies have set exposure standards. These are expressed in terms of the "specific absorption rate" (SAR), which attempts to measure the radiation actually reaching body tissue. Bluetooth radios operate at much lower power levels than phones so, not surprisingly, the radiation added by a Bluetooth headset is insignificant by comparison. So, if you're worried about the health impact of radio waves, remember that the phone itself is a much greater source of concern than a Bluetooth device (headset or speaker like the products we are showcasing here). That's especially true because, when you're using Bluetooth, the phone is likely positioned much farther from your body - and especially your brain - than when holding the phone up to your ear.
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