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What does a wireless tire pressure monitoring system do for you?
The Wireless Tire Pressure Monitor System (TPMS) keeps you informed while you're on the roll. When a tire is losing pressure, the Tire Pressure Monitor System provides an early warning, buying time to find a suitable place to stop or even have enough time to get to a workshop and get the problem fixed right away.

No matter if it is a passenger car for leisure, a trailer or a commercial truck that commutes 10 hours a day, Accu-Pressure's Wireless Tire Pressure Monitor System will :

  • Secure Vehicle Safety
  • Improve Fuel Economy
  • Enhance Vehicle Performance
  • Increase Tire Life
No wire is required between the sensors and display panel.

The Accu-Pressure Wireless TPMS comes with 4 sensors, a central display and a is powered by the cigarette lighter plug.

The Accu-Pressure Wireless TPMS is also ideal for trailers (horses, boats, etc.). Very often, different vehicles are used for towing the trailer. Because the Central Display is powered by the cigarette lighter plug, you are free to plug the unit in every vehicle you tow with.

This wireless pressure monitoring system uses a special wireless protocol to allow a driver to detect loss of tire pressure. At the core of the technology are specialized transmitters. Engineered and designed for universal application, each transmitter contains an integrated circuit with an unique identification, making sure that cross talking between vehicles is impossible. The driver will only obtain information from the vehicle's own tires.

Central Display The central display shows the actual information of all tires. By pressing a button, the actual pressure of each tire will be displayed. During the trip every 10 seconds, the status of a different tire will be shown, but as soon as a pressure drops below the preset value, the display will immediately jump to that tire and show the actual values, while sounding an alarm.


  • Fast and easy installation on almost any vehicle.
  • Supports tire rotation.
  • Real-time display of all tires condition.
  • More than 3-year battery life (sensor).
  • Superior design.
  • Wide pressure detection range: 10-150 PSI or 0.7 - 10.3 Bar
  • Trailers can be towed behind any vehicle, display is connected with cigarette plug.
Model 4 consists of four remote transmitters that replace the existing tire valves and a receiver that mounts inside the vehicle. It acts as an early warning to monitor tire pressures, up to 65 psi, and temperatures. The range is 13 to 20 feet.

Model 6 consists of six remote transmitters that replace the existing tire valves and a receiver that mounts inside the vehicle. It acts as an early warning to monitor tire pressures, up to 140 psi and temperatures. The range is about 13 to 20 feet.

Get peace of mind knowing that if pressure begins to drop in one of your tires, this system will automatically alert you before a major problem occurs.

  • Reduced risk of damage to tires or wheels
  • Maximize handling, braking and tire life
  • For cars, light trucks, mini-vans and SUV's
Professional installation may be required as the tire will be required to be broken down to replace valve stem and the tire and wheel should be balanced. It is available as a side valve model for certain wheels but the standard sensor fits about 99% of auto wheels. It constantly measures temp and pressure.

Home Safety TPMS Accu-Pressure :
(#APTPMS)  Accu-Pressure - Universal, valve stem sensor type
(#APTPMSS)  Accu-Pressure Replacement Sensor
 DELIVERY: 1 - 2 weeks.
 WARRANTY: 30 days.
 Transmitter Battery Lifespan: 1 year. (batteries NOT replaceable thus needs new transmitters)

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