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Tire-SafeGuard TPMS - Simply the best system for monitoring all vehicle tires
All tires will slowly lose inflated air, so you need to check the pressure regularly and inflate low-pressured tires back to at least the manufactures' recommended minimum. Tire pressure under-inflation results in unnecessary tire stress, irregular wear, loss of control and accidents. A tire can lose up to half of its air pressure and not appear to be flat! Uneven tire wear can reduce the ability of tread to grip the road in adverse conditions.

Tire-SafeGuard is the most technically advanced tire pressure monitoring system available. It automatically monitors the tires of a moving vehicle and displays the pressure readings. Tire-SafeGuard immediately alerts the driver of abnormal tire pressure by both visual and audible means, thereby providing timely warning to user for taking corrective actions. In addition, users can easily maintain their tires in an optimal operating condition. The benefits are obvious: reducing air loss related tire failures, reducing uneven tire wear, reducing severe tire damage, increasing tire life, improving fuel economy, and improving vehicle braking and handling. Consequently, Tire-SafeGuard helps user in driving with a safer vehicle on the road and with less worry of flat tires and blowouts.

Internal Valve Mount Sensor -
This sensor is mounted on the valve stem inside the wheel. The sensor communicates tire pressure & temperature information to a vehicle-mounted monitor wirelessly via a radio signal.

Rechargeable Battery Operated Wireless TPMS Monitor -
This portable monitor (3-3/4" x 2-1/4" x 3/4") is battery operated & can be placed in the best viewing position, such as on the dashboard or sun visor. This monitor receives RF signals from the sensors & shows all four tire readings at the same time on the iconic LCD display.

Tire-Safeguard TPMS Features -

  • Internal System: sensor monitors both pressure & temperature, and is protected by the tire.
  • Wireless Monitor: convenient & easy to use.
  • Hard-Wired Monitor: flexible installation with seperated received & display modules.
  • Timely alert of low/high pressure, blowouts, slow-leaks, and high temperature.
  • Monitor generates both visual & audible warnings on abnormal tire conditions.
  • Measurement range 0-150 PSI within +/- 1.5 PSI; operature temperature -30°F ~ 230°

    Model V104M: For smaller cars such as Toyota & Honda.
    Model V204M: For larger sedans such as BMW as this model provides stronger signals using the steel valve stem as the antenna & V2 (instead of V1) sensors.

  • Home Safety TPMS Tire-SafeGuard :  
    (#V-x04M)  Tire-Safeguard TPMS
    (#V-x04MT)  Tire-Safeguard TPMS - for 4-wheel trailer

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