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New 2013 Model!

  • Why Alpha Therm
    With so many different ways to clean your windshield, why choose Alpha Therm? The answer is simple. Some of these things only solve some of the problems some of the time.

    Alpha Therm is the all-in-one product that —
    cleans the windshield
    releases stuck wipers
    clears frozen nozzles
    prolongs the life of the wiper blades
    uses heated fluid
    heats quickly and efficiently
    operates in Park or Drive
    works in all types of weather

    Alpha Therm will change the way you clean your windshield! It does the job all year around, in all weather conditions. Take a look at the alternatives to see for yourself how Alpha Therm measures up.

    The Alpha Therm heated wash is presently the only proven, effective windshield washer fluid heating system that offers consumers both safety and convenience at an affordable cost. The heated wash patented, patent pending and proprietary technology enables its heating system to heat windshield washer fluid using a minimal amount of energy produced by the vehicle’s electrical system to remove frost, ice, snow and other debris. The system has been proven safe and effective in tests on all types of windshield glass and in many environments.

    In 2006 and 2007, heated wash was both a finalist and a winner of highly recognized automotive industry awards.

    Environmental Benefits: As the cleaning power of your windshield fluid goes up, the quantity that you need to use goes down. Moreover, we suggest that you dilute any commercial windshield fluid with water. But do this only if you're sure that the mixture will not freeze, so test it in your freezer first. We understand that commercial windshield fluid is relatively cheap, but the impact of its toxin (mostly methanol which is very poisonous) on our water system isn't light. The impact of those empty jugs is even greater.

    Product The Alpha Therm difference
  • Does not work from a cold start.
  • Does not work efficiently until the car is fully warmed up.
  • Does not release stuck wipers.
  • Does not clear blocked or frozen nozzles.
    Alpha Therm heats fluid in seconds. Releases stuck wipers and clears blocked or frozen nozzles.
     Heated wiper blade...
  • Stops blades sticking or "chattering" in inclement weather.
  • Needs to be replaced frequently (and is very expensive).
  • Does not clean the windshield, clear ice buildup on the windshield, or unblock frozen nozzles.
  • Needs to be plugged into the vehicle cigarette lighter. Has a wire running from the cigarette lighter out the car window.
    Alpha Therm frees stuck wipers and keeps the rubber softer for greater effectiveness (and longer life). Cleans windshields, clears ice buildup, and unblocks nozzles. Operates at the touch of a button.
     Heated nozzle...
  • Clears blocked nozzles.
  • Does not heat the fluid to remove ice/snow/frost from the windshield.
    Alpha Therm immediately clears frozen nozzles with a shot of steam, then instantly heats the fluid to remove ice, snow, and frost from the windshield in a minute or two.
     Heated washer fluid reservoir...
  • Takes a long time to heat up the reservoir. Each time it heats up, some antifreeze evaporates from the fluid. Loss of antifreeze can result in the remaining fluid in the reservoir freezing solid.
    Alpha Therm only heats the precise amount of fluid that is needed, on demand. Alpha Therm does not draw power from the engine's heating system or radiator hoses.
     Heated windshield...
  • Melts snow and ice, but takes longer than heated fluid.
  • Costly to install and replace.
  • Does not clear frozen nozzles or wiper blades or clean the windshield.
    Alpha Therm melts snow and ice in seconds. Alpha Therm releases frozen nozzles and wiper blades and cleans windshields all year round, in all weather conditions.
     Heated windshield scraper...
  • Removes light ice and frost.
  • Can be used when car is in Park only.
  • Requires driver to stand outside in cold weather (scrapers are heated by being plugged into the car's cigarette lighter).
    Alpha Therm works in Park or Drive. It's cold out there.
     De-icing fluid...
  • Melts light ice or frost forming on the windshield but does not eliminate scraping heavy frost or ice.
  • Takes a relatively long time and uses a large quantity of fluid; inefficient and expensive.
  • Contains harsh, dangerous chemicals that are harmful to the environment.
  • Does not free wiper blades.
  • Does not unblock nozzles effectively.
    Alpha Therm uses heated fluid, which cleans and clears better than cold fluid. It works in all weather conditions removing even heavy ice and frost, and Alpha Therm also quickly unblocks nozzles and releases wiper blades.

    Alpha Therm cleans ice, snow, and grime off the windshield conveniently & efficiently. It is safe for you, safe for your car. The heater fluid will not burn you, crack the windshield, or dull the finish. You can say goodbye to scraping, defrosting and defogging. The AT-38OD (On-Demand) model that we are selling is designed to dramatically improve the performance of the washer system. The unit ptovides heated fluid when the factory washer system is used. It's easy installation is targeted for DIYers.

    This is how the M-38OD operates in "On-Demand" mode: The unit starts to operate when the ignition is on (engine running) and battery voltage level is higher than 13.0 volts. Once the unit is activated, the washer fluid inside its heating chamber will be heated and kept within pre- determined temperature limits (125 – 135°F), so there is always hot fluid inside the unit’s heating chamber which can be used by a driver for cleaning the windshield.

    Each time the driver activates the factory installed washer system, heated washer fluid is applied to the windshield for approximately the first 3 seconds of spray. Three seconds of the spray delivers approx. 50-60 cc of fluid that is considered sufficient amount of fluid for one spray. The next portion of heated washer fluid is available in 10-20 seconds (depending on ambient conditions).

    The unit uses full power of 50 Amps for 30 seconds to heat the washer fluid up to pre-determined temperature limits (125 – 135°F), and minimal power to keep it within these limits. The unit’s power consumption is less than 2 Amps per hour.

    Once the unit starts to operate (engine is running), it will heat the washer fluid in approximately 30 seconds; driver operates the washer system manually to spray the heated fluid onto the windshield. Recommended duration of spray is 3 seconds. Driver can spray as many times as he wants. Best results are achieved when time intervals between sprays are approx. 20 seconds.

    Dimensions (without prime, bracket & cables attached):

    • Heigth 5.5 inches (137 mm)
    • Width 4 inches (100 mm)
    • Thickness 1.75 inches (43 mm)
    • Weight: 1.01 lbs (460 g)

  • Home Safety Winter Driving Alpha Therm :  
    (#AT-38OD)   Alpha Therm - 2014 ver., On-Demand $ 99.95
    (#AT-37GM)   Alpha Therm - Direct replacement for factory-installed GM model $ 79.95
    ۞ ALSO CONSIDER: Everblades - heated windshield wipers!
    ۞ SAFETY DISCLAIMER: Alpha Therm should be installed by a professional and certified technician, although many DIYers managed to do this installation themselves with success too. As we are unable to monitor installations, if installed by non qualified technician the vendor is not responsible for any damages including but not limited to the Alpha Therm unit, vehicle or occupants. Technician installing this unit must carry liability insurance to cover the above. If you need help on trouble-shooting, Alpha Therm must be installed ON the car while your INSTALLER calls us. We will not accept returns on Alpha Therm that has been opened & installed. We will require your installer's info for reference. Alpha Therm enjoys a manufacturer's limited one-year warranty.
    ۞ AVAILABILITY: New 2013/2014 ver. now shipping!
    ۞ PRICE MATCH: Yes.
    ۞ DELIVERY: We will not ship to Europe.

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