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The only time when car makers all over the world are this unified & standardized is to bring us the generic black ugly 'twisty' OE antenna. Joy.

Having a unique antenna enables you to find your car from a sea of cars with generic antennas much easier. You'll appreciate this in huge parking lots.

Environmental Benefits: Changing to these low-profile, aerodynamic antennas will theoretically aid in reducing drag coefficient, which translates to improved mileage.

Replacing one's OE antenna is probably the easiest mod one can do to his/her ride yet with very noticeable visual enhancement. You have 2 main choices:

  1. Straight-Up style: This is a direct screw-in style that threads into your factory's M5/6/7 female threaded base. Your ride can be dressed up just like that. Contrary to those low-quality, reception-compromised antennas sold elsewhere, our antennas are designed in Germany (Folia Tec) & Italy (Simoni Racing). They are machined & polished professionally, you are unlikely to find flaws & machined marks like on inferior models.
  2. Shark Fin style: This is usually available in a pre-painted and hollow shell that covers over your factory antenna base, it uses a coiled wire to connect to the base for signal conduction. In some cases, this can even cover GPS / satellite radio antennas as well. This style is perfect if you use roof rack & transport surfboards or such long gear. You no longer need to unscrew the factory one.

NOTE: If your favorite stations' signal is strong and that you mostly use your radio in the city any way, you will not notice any difference with the use of these lower-profile antennas. But if your current reception is already marginal and that you mostly use your radio in the suburbs, you must bear in mind that shorter the antenna; weaker the reception. This is just plain electromagnetic physics & there's no way around it. You can always consider adding an in-line amplifier although such device amplifies both bad and good signals.

VG Shark Fin Antenna has the built-in fractal antenna that screws directly to your antenna base & gives you normal reception for AM & FM radio. It fits overtop of the whole antenna base & is easily installed onto your car via a 3M custom adhesive gasket. We will also paint match the Shark Fin to the color of your car before shipping to you. A fractal antenna is created using fractal geometry (repetition of a simple shape to form a repeating pattern) and has reception that rivals antenna designs 50% ~ 150% larger in size. Using a coiled cord, the fractal antenna is attached to the stock antenna base with a screw. The use of a coiled cord eliminates the extra cord that would otherwise be in the way of installation, allowing you easier positioning. A custom die-cut 3M double-sided adhesive gasket is designed to secure the VG Shark Fin Antenna in place, overtop of the antenna base. This 3M adhesive is used because of its bonding strength to the car and its nature of being removable without damaging the paint. Also it has good weatherability and is insensitive to contamination. The VG Shark Fin Antenna is made of sturdy and high quality ABS plastic by injection molding process. Each VG Shark Fin Antenna is painted and clear coated to color match the OEM color code of your car. We have reputable body shops working with us and you can be assured that you are receiving a high quality paint job! Shark Fin antenna is more aerodynamic & can actually increase fuel economy. Shark Fin also minimizes interference with your roof rack & its gear. The micro-sized XM/Sirius antenna will fit inside this antenna, too. The general guideline is that if it is smaller than 2"L x 1.5"W x 0.75"H then it will fit. For detailed Installation & FAQs info on this line, please email us. VG Shark Fin stands 2.5" above your roofline. Dimensions are approx. 7" x 4.25" x 2.5".

▼ NOTE: VG Shark Fin antenna takes 2 ~ 3 weeks for delivery. It is a model-specific, not universal product. You must email us your vehicle MAKE, MODEL, STYLE, YEAR, PAINT NAME & PAINT CODE to check on compatibility PRIOR to ordering. All Mazda, VW & Toyota that have the rear-roof mount antenna are compatible, and also many models of Acura, Audi, Chrysler, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Lexus, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Pontiac, Scion, Subaru, Suziki, Volvo.
(#VGFA)  VG Shark Fin Antenna MKI - Model-specific, paint-match

▼ NOTE: Order the new MKII model instead if your antenna base is wide & fat like the above examples. MKII approx. dimensions: 7" x 3.75" x 2.5".
(#VGFA)  VG Shark Fin Antenna MKII - Model-specific, paint-match

Static Electricity Discharge Antennas:

These antennas have integrated discharge circuitry that disperse static electricity from your vehicle into the atmosphere. As a result, being sparked from touching your vehicle is minimized. Of course that you can just buy them for their looks too.

  • SGEY50 - A European short stub design that discharges static electricity and gives this carbon resin look. Adjustable angulation from 0~50°. Detachable mast for car wash, roof rack use. Measures 218H x 47W x 60D mm.
  • JDM item requires 2~3 weeks for delivery -       
  • SGEY57 - A mini stub design that discharges static electricity and gives this carbon resin look. Adjustable angulation from 0~30°. Detachable mast for car wash, roof rack use. Measures 110H x 40W x 75D mm.
  • JDM item requires 2~3 weeks for delivery -       
  • SGEY59 - A shark fin design that discharges static electricity and gives this carbon resin look. Measures 52H x 50W x 153D mm.
  • JDM item requires 2~3 weeks for delivery -       

    ↑ 8V - 9cm Aluminum ↑ 8V - 9cm Black ↑ micro 6.3cm ↑ micro 7cm
    ↑ 24V - 12cm Aluminum ↑ 24V - 12cm Black ↑ 24V - 12cm Blue ↑ 24V - 12cm Red
    ↑ 16V - 17cm Aluminum ↑ 16V - 17cm Black ↑ 16V - 17cm Blue ↑ 16V - 17cm Red
    ↑ 32V - 17cm Aluminum ↑ 32V - 17cm Black ↑ 32V - 17cm Blue ↑ 32V - 17cm Red
    ↑ telescopic - 112-280mm Aluminum ↑ telescopic - 112-280mm Black ↑ telescopic & adjustable - 195-240mm Aluminum ↑ telescopic & adjustable - 195-240mm Black
    ↑ racing - 16cm Aluminum ↑ racing - 16cm Chrome ↑ racing - 16cm Black
    ↑ aero - 16cm Aluminum ↑ aero - 16cm Chrome ↑ aero - 16cm Black ↑ antenna base
    ▼ NOTE: Simoni Racing antenna takes 3-4 weeks for delivery.
    (#SRANT)  Simoni Racing Antenna - Universal, fr. Italy

    ▼ NOTE: Folia Tec antenna takes 1-2 weeks for delivery, many models have been discontinued.
    (#FTANT)  Folia Tec FACT-Antenna - Universal, fr. Germany

    ▼ NOTE: Autoloc takes 1-2 weeks for delivery.
    Flush Mount Antenna Chrome Power Antenna Hidden Antenna
    Ultimate Flush Mount Antenna kit! The Autoloc™ Flush Mount Antenna lets you have the shaved antenna look while still having the best reception possible. The Flush Mount Antenna features a billet aluminum tip with screw set that can be sanded to the contour of the body panel. Tip can also be painted to match exterior color. The heavy-duty motor ensures optimal performance and a lifetime of trouble-free operation. Kits come complete with several mounting brackets, antenna, tips, motor and more! Get crystal clear reception! The Autoloc™ Power Antenna offers the ultimate reception at a very affordable price. Power Antennas are Available with several styles of mounting bases to accommodate all mounting angles and positions. The heavy-duty motor ensures optimal performance and a lifetime of trouble-free operation. Kits include mounting bracket, antenna, motor and more. Shave that Antenna! Now you can shave your factory external antenna and achieve the ultimate clean look for your vehicle. The Autoloc™ Hidden Antenna offers crystal clear reception and peak performance. May be mounted in any position. It works just as well as a standard antenna without the unslightly antenna mast. Universal design ensures easy installation for all vehicles! All Antennas are backed by a limited lifetime warranty.
  • Excellent reception
  • Keeps your antenna out of sight
  • Billet aluminum tip
  • Heavy duty motor
  • Comes with brackets and hardware
  • Crystal Clear Reception
  • Add A Power Antenna To Any Vehicle In No Time
  • Heavy Duty Power Motors
  • 7 Mask Angles Included
  • 3 Foot Extension
  • AM/FM
  • Stainless Mast
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Get Rid Of Ugly Factory Antenna
  • Works As Well As Standard Antenna
  • Keeps You Vehicle Looking Clean
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • (#ATANT)  Autoloc Antennas - Universal, USA made
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